REDIGION is a company, which has gatherd under its wing the best mobile apps and game developers. Our staff has gained experience within leading international IT companies. We are young, thus we are creative. We are experienced, thus we create a high quality product. We are developing and implementing applications and platforms that will be a reliable tool for the promotion of your business.



Start challenge your friends in new amazing turn-based multiplayer game - Gwars! You just need to tap the screen quicker than your friends! Tap quickly, break more and more rocks and get all the treasures!


Smart Adventure

Smart Adventure is a series of educational iOS games and animated series for kids aged 4-9. Smart Adventure will let your child learn exciting things, discovering the world of natural sciences, improve reading and comprehension skills - all while playing.

Each game volume is centred around a single topic. The first game - "Black Water", is, not surprisingly, about water - where it comes from and where if goes, its properties, and role in our life.


MindUp Fun Photo Editor

MindUp - What’s on your mind? A picture is worth a thousand words, but a thought bubble can sum them up beautifully. MindUp is free and full of colorful, quirky bubbles, waiting to be filled with interesting, provoking, and funny thoughts that can be selected from our huge and witty thought bank.

Turn an average picture into a window into the soul. Choose from the many mood settings to set the scene for your pictures. What’s on your mind? Tell the world with your very own thought bubbles. Easy to use and fun to put together, MindUp will spice up your social network feed in no time. Watch the likes pile on as you export to your Camera Roll and share your MindUp creations directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or iMessage.



iPad application for the largest Ukrainian film studio FILM.UA. In the application you can find a catalogue of contents, showreels, informations about facilities and equipment, all contacts and etc.

Application is based on the mediaplatform developed by REDIGION. All latest news and actual information are available in the application due to the possibility to proceed with updates without reauthorization. Deep, but user friendly and intuitively clear application structure, ability to work in offline mode and full content are making the application reliable tool for potential partners’ coverage.



It is an official Mediananny application – the internet tabloid about television, press, cinema, internet. Hot news about Ukrainian and foreign media every day.

Interview with the most famous and unknown, the most scandal and loyal, the winners and losers of the media world, exclusive photo and video reports from the most privileged and open media events, original program of one of the best Nanny’s foster-child Evgeniy Minko, 24 hours radio broadcasting, bloggers of your dream, top secret information, which was trusted to Nanny in intimate conversations, - it is not even full list of information you will get from the “Mediananny” application.



A unique tool developed by our company, based on which we are creating B2B and B2C applications with the ability to edit the content in real-time through a convenient CMS.

Our team has created unique media platform in which we successfully combined the mobile application simplicity and convenience of web sites. This platform for mobile applications is a winning solution to satisfy any company needs. It is easy to add news, updates and information to the application through the usage friendly CMS, avoiding further procedure of the reauthorization at the app store – all updates are available to customer in a second after publishing. Application and web site, based on mediaplatform, automatically are synchronized. Platform allows to work with application in offline mode, having all information available on your iPad. This platform can become a base for both B2B and B2C solutions.


15 minutes till tomorrow

Application of online store developed for the popular TV Show. “15 minutes till tomorrow” is an entertaining TV show copyright by Pavel Shylko (DJ Pasha), broadcasting has been started in 2011 on the K1 channel.

Every night Ukrainian and Russian show biz celebrities are coming to the DJ Pasha’s studio to talk about oeuvre, to recall the funny stories, to participate in funny competitions and to relax enjoying time at the end of the day. A lot of series are full of bright jokes, vocal improvisations and real musical performances, presented in acoustic arrangement accompanied by lead guitarist Nikolas Tim.


Free Energy of Tesla

Watch this amazing CGI-packed documentary, read about Nikola Tesla’s inventions. Have fun! Learn! Who said that learning isn't fun?

We aim to tell the story of Nikola Tesla in a truly entertaining manner or better yet - re imagine his dreams. Knowledge should not be boring. It shouldn’t be hard work. In fact, enlightenment is a marvelous world full of surprises, as mystifying as Tesla’s inventions. This application features beautifully recreated scenes of Nikola Tesla’s life. Our ambition was to create an absolutely different documentary, which would break down the unreceptive wall between reality and imagination, education and fun. And this is where the adventure begins. The movie and application will appeal to young and old alike, to people of different convictions and backgrounds.